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Pennsylvania man accused of running heroin trafficking scheme

A Pennsylvania man, along with a number of other individuals, are facing drug charges in relation to an alleged heroin trafficking scheme, which reportedly brought a significant amount of the drug into the state and caused the death of one individual.

Penalties for dealing drugs near schools in Philadelphia

There are many schools in Philadelphia, from pre-schools to high schools and colleges. These institutions exist to teach children in a safe environment and to help set them on the right path. Because of this, there are laws in place to prevent people from bringing potentially dangerous things or engaging in questionable activities near schools. This includes bringing guns or other dangerous weapons onto school properties and making sure that drug dealing does not take place near schools.

Penalties for possessing heroin with the intent to distribute

There are certain drugs in Philadelphia that can be very beneficial for those who take them. Most of the time, these drugs are prescribed by doctors to treat medical conditions. However, many others use drugs without valid prescriptions. It may be to self-medicate or simply a curiosity that turned into an addiction. There's no dispute that, for whatever reason, some of these individuals may turn to the streets for other drugs, a system which law enforcement has been cracking down on for decades. As a result, many Pennsylvania residents end up being accused of dealing drugs.

Police arrest 176 people accused of drug dealing in Philadelphia

There are many Philadelphia residents who use prescription drugs to treat various medical conditions and injuries. When used correctly, these drugs can be beneficial. However, as law enforcement attempts to crack down on substance abuse, even these individuals may wind up facing serious criminal charges.

Protecting one's rights after drug possession charges

There are many types of drugs in Philadelphia. Some are prescribed by doctors and are legal when taken as prescribed. However, many others are either never prescribed or only legal when they are prescribed. If a person is caught in possession of illegal drugs, they could be charged with a crime. The crime they are ultimately charged with depends on the type of drug, the quantity they allegedly possess, and a number of other factors.

Potential punishment for selling drugs to a minor

For the most part, when adults make choices in Philadelphia, it is assumed that they understand the consequences of their actions. There is less sympathy for adults than when minors may commit similar actions. There is also an interest in protecting youth from being corrupted or influenced by adults since minors may not truly understand what they are getting into when something is suggested to them by an adult.

Philadelphia meth manufacturing may lead to harsh penalties

There has been a war on drugs in Philadelphia for a long time. Despite the efforts, there are still many people who use and are addicted to illegal drugs. While people still use drugs, the war on drugs has resulted in much harsher penalties for those who are caught using them. As people use them, other people need to supply them. And, the penalties for distributing the drugs are even harsher than those for just drug possession.

Drug charges for possession of cocaine with intent to deliver

There are legal ways and illegal ways to possess drugs in Philadelphia. The legal way is by having a valid prescription for the drug from a doctor. When drugs are prescribed, they are controlled and being used to treat a medical condition. However, if the drug is not prescribed, often, the drug would be illegal and possession of it would also be a crime. Then, there are other drugs, which are never prescribed by doctors and only possessed illegally.

Avoiding a conviction for drug charges in Philadelphia

Drugs are so appealing for many people because of the way they make people feel good. Many drugs can also be very addicting. Theses addictions can be very dangerous for the person using the drug and can lead to a number of other problems in the person's life as well.

Woman arrested with 11 pounds of cocaine at Philadelphia airport

Much of the illegal drugs that are sold and used in Philadelphia originate in a different location, oftentimes outside of the United States. That means that it needs to be brought into Philadelphia somehow and there are many people who are willing to do it. However, the penalties for possessing drugs with the intent to distribute are severe and oftentimes lead to prison sentences.

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