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Fewer teenagers may be experimenting with underage drinking

Over the Memorial Day weekend, many people in Philadelphia got together with friends and family for a barbecue, at the beach or one of the many other festivities that come with a three-day weekend. It is not unusual for alcohol to be served at such events. While it is legal for people age 21 or older to drink alcohol, this past weekend some teenagers may have had the opportunity to experiment with underage drinking. However, the number of teens doing so may not be as high as one thinks.

What are some crimes associated with underage drinking?

Many adults in Pennsylvania enjoy having a drink or two, whether it is at a party or simply at the end of a long workday. Teenagers too may be curious about alcohol, and it is not unusual for teens in Pennsylvania to dabble in underage drinking. However, police in Pennsylvania will not go easy on teens caught breaking any one of a number of crimes associated with underage drinking.

An interesting exception to Pennsylvania underage drinking laws

It is all too tempting for teenagers in Pennsylvania to experiment with alcohol, whether it is due to peer pressure or mere curiosity. However, when such experimentation goes too far, leading to a crisis situation, teenagers need to be able to seek the help they or others need to rescue them from what may be a dangerous situation without fear of punishment. Pennsylvania law recognizes this, and provides an interesting exception to underage drinking for those seeking medical aid for another.

Protecting one's rights after an underage drinking charge

Many people in Philadelphia enjoy alcoholic beverages from time-to-time. Ever since the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified in 1933, people in the U.S. have been able to legally consume it. However, despite the fact that the prohibition on alcohol was repealed, there are still age restrictions on when a person can legally consume it. For a number of years now, the legal drinking age in Philadelphia has been 21 years old.

Exception to the law against underage drinking in Philadelphia

There are many colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. Students primarily attend these institutions in order to receive a college degree and hopefully find well-paying and satisfying employment afterwards. It is also many students' first time not living with their parents; a time when they establish themselves as adults. When students are exploring their freedom, many of them go to parties and consume alcohol in order to let loose and have a good time.

Driver's license consequences for underage drinking

There are many laws in Philadelphia designed to protect young people. One of these is the prohibition on underage drinking. The goal of the law is to prevent people who many feel are too irresponsible to drink from consuming alcohol and making poor decisions while intoxicated. While some people disagree with this law and feel like the legal drinking age could be lowered, but the law is still the law. People must obey the law or potentially face the harsh penalties for breaking it.

What are the consequences for providing alcohol to a minor?

There are age restrictions on the right to consume alcohol. Right now most people know that the legal drinking age is 21-years-old. So, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol and they could receive an underage drinking violation if they do. However, many people under the age of 21 still consume alcohol in Philadelphia each year. This is especially true at the various colleges and universities in and around Philadelphia.

Potential penalties for a minor who is charged with a DUI

As young people in Philadelphia grow up, there are many choices they have to make. Many times they make these choices without the benefit of understanding the consequences of those decisions. As people grow older, they have experiences that allow them to make more informed decisions, but when they are young, they lack that experience. One of those choices that young people make without understanding the consequences is underage drinking.

What are the consequences for using a fake ID to buy alcohol?

Most people in Philadelphia know that the legal drinking age is 21 years old. However, there are still many people under the age of 21 who consume alcohol. Underage drinking is a relatively common activity at the various colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. However, as it is illegal for people under 21 to consume alcohol, it is also illegal for them to purchase it. So, in order to obtain the alcohol, people under 21 often resort to illegal means.

Parents charged with allowing teenagers to drink at their home

It is fairly common knowledge that the legal drinking age in Philadelphia is 21 years old. However, despite knowing that, many people under the age of 21 consume alcohol on a fairly regular basis. In order to do this though, someone over the age of 21 needs to provide the alcohol to the minor since it is illegal for them to purchase it as well. Many times it is an older friend or maybe a sibling, but this is not always the case.

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