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What is a 'firearm' under the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act?

One may think that a person has the unequivocal right to carry a firearm. However, this is not always the case. In fact, there are instances in which the possession of a firearm, even if it is not used while committing of a crime, is illegal.

Philadelphia attorneys fight for clients facing weapons charges

The Second Amendment right to bear arms is very important to many in Philadelphia. A person may want to keep a weapon in their home for security purposes. Others use weapons for recreational purposes, such as hunting or skeet shooting. However, there are situations in which it is illegal for a person to have a weapon. For example, if a person is a convicted felon, in general they are not allowed to have a weapon. A person may also not carry a firearm on Philadelphia public property unless he or she has the proper permit or license. Similarly, a person may not carry a concealed firearm unless he or she has the proper permit or license.

What are Pennsylvania's laws regarding gun ownership?

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms, a right that is very important to many in Pennsylvania. However, this right is subject to certain restrictions, the violation of which could lead to weapons charges.

How does one lose the right to own a firearm?

There has been much discussion about gun laws in Philadelphia recently on both sides of the argument. Regardless of the discussions, guns remain legal and there are many people who legally own them. Some people own them in order to protect themselves and their families, while others own them for hunting or sport.

Can people restore gun rights after losing them in Philadelphia?

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution protects one's right to own firearms. While gun possession is a protected right, there are still many laws restricting their ownership and use. There are laws on where a person can possess them, and permits are required in certain situations. People in Philadelphia can also lose their right to possess a firearm altogether. If a person has committed certain crimes, then he or she may not be allowed to possess a gun again and if they do, they could be charged with an additional crime.

Firearm carrying permit reciprocity in Pennsylvania

Many people in Philadelphia are allowed to own guns. There are also many people who are prohibited from doing so, but in general gun possession is legal. However, one cannot carry a gun in Philadelphia without a permit. These are generally referred to as conceal and carry permits. If a person is caught carrying a gun without the proper permit, he or she could be committing a crime and potentially face severe penalties.

When people can carry a gun without a license to carry

People in Philadelphia own guns for many different reasons. Many want to be able to protect themselves from intruders who may break into their homes or businesses. Others may be worried about who they may encounter in various public areas. Others own guns for hunting and other recreational purposes. People can possess guns without a license to carry a firearm as long as they keep them in their homes or places of business, but if they want to carry them, generally they will need a license.

Possessing firearms in a courthouse

Gun rights is a hotly debated issue in Philadelphia with passionate people on both sides of the issue. However, regardless of a person's views on gun rights, the law allows certain people to possess firearms with the proper licenses. But, there are many others who are prohibited from possessing them. Nonetheless, even those who have the proper licenses are still prohibited from possessing them in certain locations.

Using a weapon in self-defense in Philadelphia

People in Philadelphia possess many different kinds of weapons or different objects that can be used as weapons. Many times, the person legally owns the weapon, but there are many others who have weapons illegally. However, regardless of whether the person possesses a weapon legally or illegally, in most situations, it is illegal to use those weapons to harm another.

Three Philadelphia men allegedly sold stolen guns

Gun control is a highly debated issue among people in Philadelphia. People on both sides of the issue are very passionate about their position. However, people still have the right to possess firearms. There are many regulations on who can own them and the steps one must take to buy them. This is also true for those who sell guns as well. A Philadelphia resident cannot simply sell guns to the public without the proper licensing.

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