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Philadelphia Business Formation Lawyers

Business Entity Formation Attorneys With More Than 30 years Of Experience

Different businesses have different needs. If you are looking for lawyers with broad experience, skill and knowledge, you have come to the right firm. You know how to run your business. We know how to assist you in resolving the legal issues involved in the formation of your business.

At Baritz Law Associates LLC, we have been advising Philadelphia area businesses for more than 30 years. We have the expertise to guide you through the stages of selecting and forming the right business entity to meet your goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business needs.

Tax Planning And Protecting Your Assets

There are two primary goals in business incorporation; tax planning and protecting your personal assets. Different entities have different tax consequences. Establishing a clear wall of separation between your personal assets and those of the business is critical. If you don’t, your personal assets may be subject to the claims of the business’s creditors.

Business Incorporation: Choosing The Right Business Entity

There are a number of business entities to choose from. In addition to the issues of tax planning and protecting assets, there is also the question of shared ownership among two or more parties. The owners might share ownership equally, or in differing amounts. Likewise, control may be shared equally, or according to some other arrangement.

Business Law Advice For Years To Come

Once your company has been successfully created, we will assist in issues that may occur over time such as:

  • Amendments to articles of incorporation and other governance issues
  • Business management
  • Employee-employer contract development and issue resolution
  • Tax planning
  • Expansion and financing
  • Regulatory and statutory compliance
  • Changes in ownership interests

There may also come a day when you will want to sell your business, buy another business or merge businesses. We can assist you with all your business formation and business law needs.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation regarding your business development needs.