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Commercial Landlord/Tenant Law Attorneys

Are you looking for commercial space for your business? Are you a commercial landlord locked in a feud with a tenant? Anybody involved in commercial real estate will benefit from the help of a dedicated and experienced attorney.

Baritz Law Associates LLC, is one of the top real estate law firms in Philadelphia. Our real estate attorneys have decades of experience working with commercial tenants and landlords. Take advantage of our detailed and efficient representation to minimize your risk of litigation and maximize your chances of victory in court.

Lease Negotiation And Review

The lease is the document that the landlord and tenant rely on most to explain the terms of their agreement. To avoid misunderstandings or lease terms you would not agree to, contact us before you sign anything. Our attorneys will review all the documents and help you make any necessary changes. We are also talented negotiators who will help you get the best possible deal.

Tough Litigators

Whether you are trying to enforce a clause in a real estate lease or you need to break the agreement, you are virtually certain to fail if you try to do it by yourself. Instead, turn to one of our real estate lawyers. We are seasoned litigators who have taken numerous commercial lease disputes to court. With our help, you have the best possible chance of achieving your legal goals.

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