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Corporate Document Drafting Assistance

To run your new corporation the right way, you will need to have vital corporate documents in place. These documents will make sure you and your partners understand what your business will do and how you will run it. For advice and help writing these key documents, contact the Philadelphia business law firm of Baritz Law Associates LLC

The most important corporate documents your business needs are articles of incorporation and bylaws. Here is a summary of each document.

Articles of incorporation act as a sort of charter for the company. Incorporation documents declare the existence of your business and contain information required by the state of Pennsylvania, like the corporation’s name. One of our attorneys will help you fill out this document and file it with the secretary of state.

Bylaws set out how your new business will operate and your goals for the corporation. The bylaws also name the directors and corporate officers, and define officers’ responsibilities and duties. Though you do not file bylaws with any agency, it is very important to have them so that all present and future officers understand and follow your goals and strategies.

It is easy to make a mistake when writing these documents. Instead of trying to write them on your own, talk to one of our business lawyers. We have drafted hundreds of legal forms in our many decades of combined practice. Make sure your business legal forms are taken care of the right way the first time.

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