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Defending You Against Firearms-Related Charges

Theft-related offenses are some of the most common and most serious charges you may ever face. When you are looking at a significant criminal charge like this, you need to have a lawyer you can count on.

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What Is A Theft-Related Charge?

A theft-related charge is a catch-all term for theft, burglary and robbery. The differences between these crimes are important and they can affect your sentencing:

· Theft: Is simply the taking of another’s property. It can happen under many circumstances and the severity and time you are faced with will depend on severity.

  • Burglary: Is the intent to commit a crime, such as theft or assault, while inside any building or structure.
  • Robbery: Is a theft committed with the use or threat of force.
  • Charges like these carry tough penalties and you deserve to have a lawyer working for you that will keep you informed and protected. Your future is at stake and you deserve the best possible defense.

Assault Charges Can Be Significant

Along with theft crimes, assault is also a fairly common. You can be charged with simple assault or aggravated assault, the main difference being severity and circumstances of the assault. When you are charged with an assault of any severity the penalties can lead to consequences that can be far reaching.

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