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Exception to underage drinking charge in Pennsylvania

It is common knowledge that the legal drinking age in Philadelphia, like the rest of the United Sates, is 21 years of age. However, this does not stop people younger than 21 from drinking alcohol. This is especially true at the various colleges and universities in Philadelphia. Most do not think that the consequences outweigh the enjoyment they receive through drinking alcohol.

Many underage drinking tickets issued at St. Patrick's Day parade

People in Philadelphia find many reasons to drink alcohol throughout the year. It could be a birthday, a sporting event, a happy hour with friends or co-workers, family holidays and many others. Also, not just adults find reasons to drink. Minors find reasons to consume alcohol, as well. One holiday, however, that tends to unite both adult and underage drinkers is St. Patrick's Day.

What are the penalties for an underage DUI in Philadelphia?

Many young people in Philadelphia consume alcohol prior to their 21st birthday. There are also many colleges and universities in and around the city where drinking alcohol is a common activity. Many people likely understand that underage drinking is illegal, but most do not think it is that big of a deal. Even though it is not seen as a serious offense by them, an underage drinking conviction does have serious consequences.

What are the penalties for college students having fake IDs?

There are a number of colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. Of course, college students are sometimes known for going to parties and drinking alcohol. However, in order to drink alcohol before one is 21 years old, one must generally obtain it illegally. Oftentimes underage students will go to parties where alcohol is being served or they will ask another friend who is 21 to buy it for them.

Pennsylvania's diversion program basics for underage drinking

There are many colleges in the Philadelphia area. One activity that college students tend to indulge in is underage drinking. Most of them know that it is illegal, but many may think it is a harmless crime and the consequences are not a big deal. However, a conviction for underage drinking can have long-term consequences that a college student may not think about. For instance, a conviction will result in a criminal record and must be disclosed on future school and job applications.

Consequences for an underage drinking conviction in Philadelphia

There are many young people in college in Philadelphia. In addition to going to class and studying, many of these students also consume alcohol from time to time. Drinking alcohol is seen as a good way to let loose and have a good time. It is a common activity and those who partake usually see others around them drinking and think it is a harmless activity. However, most people do not understand the consequences if they are convicted of underage drinking.

Police issue four underage drinking tickets at race track

Despite the law stating that one must be 21years-old to legally drink, many people in Philadelphia drink before they attain that age. Many of them do not think about the consequences of underage drinking though. They are simply worried about fitting in or getting drunk to help them let loose and have fun. However, despite the fact that underage drinking is somewhat common, the consequences of a conviction can have long-term consequences that may not be immediately apparent.

Police issue 14 underage drinking tickets at party in the woods

Many young people under the age of 21 drink alcohol in Philadelphia. There are various reasons for why they do it. Sometimes it may be peer pressure, or they want to fit in with a certain group. Other times it can be seen as a good way to relieve stress and have a good time. While underage drinking is relatively common, it is still illegal. Many kids drink and do not get caught, but many others do get caught and the consequences are more serious than one may think.

Philadelphia neighborhood outraged over drunk teens' behavior

After the long winter that Philadelphia endured, many residents are overjoyed to have spring here. Residents can finally get out of their homes and enjoy the weather. It also means that many young people are out of school for the summer. Many college students move back home, but they also want to enjoy the lifestyle they were used to during the school year. This means many of them will figure out as many ways as possible to get together with friends and drink.

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