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Pennsylvania grapples with criminal restitution

If you are found guilty of a crime in Pennsylvania, you may be ordered by the court to pay financial restitution to the victim of the crime or to the state. However, the financial situation of some offenders, coupled with the fact that many of them spend time in prison, can make restitution orders difficult to enforce, meaning some of that money does not get collected or distributed to victims.

Pheonixville man charged with DUI after crash

For those in the Philadelphia area, a DUI charge can lead to a number of serious consequences, from license revocation to jail time. For an example of what may happen if facing a DUI charge, Philadelphians need look no further than a recent accident that occurred in nearby Phoenixville, where police allege that a night of drinking may have led to extensive damages.

Johnstown police discover alleged drug operation

Crimes involving drugs are harshly punished in Pennsylvania and charges should never be taken lightly by defendants. Drug charges ranging from possession to distribution can lead to stiff penalties that include months or even years of prison time, probation and steep fines.

High school gym teacher arrested on drug charges

Criminal charges can have a long-lasting and dramatic effect on a person's social standing and employment options, even if those charges are later dropped or the person is acquitted. Drug charges carry an especially powerful stigma, one that can result in discrimination when seeking employment. Those accused of drug-related offenses should seek to understand the nature of the charges and the evidence leveled against them.

Pennsylvania businessman pleads guilty to drug charges

Charges of manufacturing, possessing or trafficking drugs can have a dramatic effect on the lives of almost anyone. Drug charges carry a severe social stigma, and those facing them may still be ostracized by their communities even if acquitted. Understanding the evidence arrayed against a defendant and the methods used in the collection is the first step toward creating a solid defense or determining what sort of plea may result in a fair outcome.

Philadelphia city staffers fired after DUI charges

Being charged with drunk driving comes with inherent problems, especially when an accident is involved, but many people don't consider the professional fallout that can arise from a DUI accident. Two Philadelphia city employees were recently faced with this predicament after being charged with DUI while driving city vehicles.

Man targeted in Philadelphia plane hoax arrested on drug charges

It was a rough day for a young man on a plane flight out of Philadelphia. Earlier this month, the 29-year-old was heading home on his birthday to celebrate with family and friends when the plane he was on turned around and landed in Philadelphia because authorities believed he was carrying explosives. Authorities took him off the plane at gunpoint.

Erie man reaches plea agreement in DUI homicide case

The Pennsylvania legislature passed a set of laws in 2004 that specify the minimum sentences for a DUI conviction. The factors that determine the minimum include the defendant's blood-alcohol content, whether the defendant refused to take a Breathalyzer test and whether an accident occurred. A DUI arrest can also result in harsher sentences if the accused has a previous drunk driving conviction.

Philadelphia man pleads guilty to manslaughter and heroin charges

Sometimes, a criminal defense attorney must advise a client to plead guilty to prevent a lengthy trial in which substantial evidence against the defendant will be presented. However, Philadelphia residents who have been accused of a crime, no matter how serious, should know that defendants also have rights, not the least of which is the right to remain silent.

Philadelphia woman accused of menacing husband with knife

Domestic disputes occur daily in cities throughout Pennsylvania, and these situations can spiral out of control. When this occurs, the police are often called to the location, and people who are otherwise calm and reasonable individuals may be charged with disturbing the peace or other, more serious crimes.

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