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What are the penalties for illegally carrying a firearm?

Many people in Philadelphia own or possess guns. We previously discussed that many of these people possess the guns legally, but many others who possess them are prohibited from doing so. However, even those who own guns legally cannot just carry them everywhere they go. In order to carry a gun on their person in public in Philadelphia, they must have a valid license. If they do not, they may face gun charges.

Which weapons are illegal to possess in Philadelphia?

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution protects a person's right to bear arms. However, this only protects a person's right to possess certain firearms and those rights can be taken away if the person commits certain acts. There are also a number of weapons that no one, even if they have the right to possess a firearm, can possess. The ownership of these weapons can result in gun charges for residents of Philadelphia.

What are the penalties for illegal possession of a firearm?

There are many people in Philadelphia who own or possess firearms. Many of these individuals are allowed to possess the firearms and have the proper licenses to carry them. However, many people have lost their right to possess firearms as a result of committing certain crimes. Previously we discussed the many offenses that result in the loss of a person's right to possess a firearm.

Man faces weapons charges after alleged assault on EMT

Many people in Philadelphia own or possess guns and other various weapons. People own guns for a variety of reasons, from hunting to personal safety. In order to legally own a gun, however, the person must have a permit for it. However, many people do not have permits or are prohibited from owning a gun for other reasons. If the person does not own the gun legally, they could face serious gun charges if they are caught with one.

Teen faces weapons charges after incident with an airsoft gun

Many people in Philadelphia can remember having a BB gun or airsoft gun as a child. Target practice with the guns out in the country can be a fun activity. However, shooting the guns around people could result in serious weapons charges, as if it were a gun with actual bullets. They are considered firearms and possession of a firearm by a minor is not taken lightly. What may seem like innocent fun, could result in penalties that follow a minor for a long time.

Philly man facing felony charges for possession of a firearm

Weapons charges can lead to serious consequences for those who are convicted of gun-related offenses. Even seemingly unrelated or questionable traffic stops can have repercussions, particularly if a search of the vehicle leads to the discovery of unlicensed firearms. Philadelphians should take note of a recent incident that left a man from Philadelphia facing charges for possession of a firearm and other equally serious charges.

Teen boy to face weapons charges after bringing gun to school

Although the Second Amendment grants Americans the right to bear arms, weapons possession is never allowed on school grounds in Pennsylvania. However, a 17-year-old boy is accused of attempting to bring a firearm into his school in Philadelphia on March 11. He will now face weapons charges.

Closure of gun law loophole angers some Philadelphia gun owners

People who wish to own a gun in Philadelphia must obtain a proper permit to do so. Anyone who is found guilty of the illegal possession of a firearm faces either fines or imprisonment. Certain states and counties have stricter requirements for issuing gun permits than others, and this prompts some individuals to seek permits from a jurisdiction other than their residence.

Woman accused of bringing gun into South Philadelphia school

Weapons possession charges can carry serious penalties, including stiff prison sentences. Law enforcement and prosecutors take possession of a firearm on school grounds especially seriously, and a young woman is facing several weapons charges after allegedly bringing a firearm into a South Philadelphia school.

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