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Pennsylvania man faces drug charges after crashing vehicle

A 23-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing criminal charges after allegedly crashing his car into a concrete barrier. Witnesses report that the man was driving recklessly and swerving into oncoming traffic. The vehicle was pulled over by police, who reported that the man appeared to be under the influence. Police searched the vehicle and allegedly found 24 individual packets of heroin and marijuana.

Driver faces drug charges after almost hitting patrol car

What may start as a simple traffic violation can result in drug charges if the police have probable cause to make such an arrest. However, prosecutors still have the burden of proving all elements of a case beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be made.

Report of dogs in Pennsylvania car results in drug charges

When police responded to a call about three large dogs left in a car with insufficient ventilation, they discovered a lot more. The dogs were seized by Fayette County SPCA and police conducted a routine search of the vehicle. While searching the vehicle police found suspected marijuana-growing paraphernalia including fertilizer, high wattage light bulbs and rolling paper. This discovery prompted the police to contact the owner of the home the vehicle was parked near to get permission to search the residence.

Pennsylvania drug court judge faces drug charges of his own

Judges often face the task of sentencing those who commit drug offenses. A Washington county judge, however, is now facing drug charges of his own. The judge retired last July from a special drug treatment court while an investigation into his unusual practice of keeping drugs in his chambers was still pending.

Philadelphia man faces serious drug charges after traffic stop

It's a common occurrence in Philadelphia and other parts of the country for serious drug charges to come out of a routine traffic stop. If occupants have illegal drugs in the car, they could be facing the heavy penalties that come with drug charges.

Man arrested in Pennsylvania on felony drug charges

Criminal charges of any kind can have serious repercussions and can negatively impact a person's personal and professional life. Drug charges in particular can be complex, because different states may have different laws that apply to certain types of drugs.

Bristol Township resident arraigned on drug charges

Anyone who is charged with drug possession or distribution may face serious consequences, which could include hefty penalties or jail time. Some drug charges are even subject to mandatory minimum sentencing laws, although there are many factors that will affect the sentence that is ultimately levied.

Philadelphia doctor gets 7 years for drug convictions

Drug charges in Pennsylvania may carry a mandatory minimum depending on circumstances such as the type of drug, the amount and prior convictions. An arrest on drug charges may incur other penalties such as the loss of professional licenses, even when it does not result in a conviction. The following account shows how a doctor can be faced with criminal drug charges for allegedly writing prescriptions improperly.

Guilty plea for Pennsylvania man facing 103 drug charges

In a court of law, drug charges are considered to be among the most serious offenses that a defendant can face. Charges of drug dealing and drug trafficking can bring with them long prison terms, steep fines and other serious consequences that can have a long-term impact on the life of the accused.

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