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Johnstown police discover alleged drug operation

Crimes involving drugs are harshly punished in Pennsylvania and charges should never be taken lightly by defendants. Drug charges ranging from possession to distribution can lead to stiff penalties that include months or even years of prison time, probation and steep fines.

Pennsylvania pharmacists face federal drug charges

Drug offenses are considered to be serious crimes by state and federal officials. In some cases, the federal government may prosecute a drug case instead of state or local authorities. It is essential for defendants to know all legal options available, especially when federal authorities are involved. Two Pennsylvania pharmacists are currently facing federal drug charges after a raid by several government agencies.

High school gym teacher arrested on drug charges

Criminal charges can have a long-lasting and dramatic effect on a person's social standing and employment options, even if those charges are later dropped or the person is acquitted. Drug charges carry an especially powerful stigma, one that can result in discrimination when seeking employment. Those accused of drug-related offenses should seek to understand the nature of the charges and the evidence leveled against them.

Pennsylvania businessman pleads guilty to drug charges

Charges of manufacturing, possessing or trafficking drugs can have a dramatic effect on the lives of almost anyone. Drug charges carry a severe social stigma, and those facing them may still be ostracized by their communities even if acquitted. Understanding the evidence arrayed against a defendant and the methods used in the collection is the first step toward creating a solid defense or determining what sort of plea may result in a fair outcome.

Philadelphia man faces serious drug charges in Middlesex Township

Drug cases are prosecuted very seriously here in Pennsylvania, and convictions for possession with the intent to deliver can come with mandatory minimum sentences. This depends on the type and amount of drugs involved as well as the defendant's criminal history, but the consequences can generally be very severe. This is why it is very important for those who face drug charges to be sure to protect their rights.

Man targeted in Philadelphia plane hoax arrested on drug charges

It was a rough day for a young man on a plane flight out of Philadelphia. Earlier this month, the 29-year-old was heading home on his birthday to celebrate with family and friends when the plane he was on turned around and landed in Philadelphia because authorities believed he was carrying explosives. Authorities took him off the plane at gunpoint.

Philadelphia man pleads guilty to manslaughter and heroin charges

Sometimes, a criminal defense attorney must advise a client to plead guilty to prevent a lengthy trial in which substantial evidence against the defendant will be presented. However, Philadelphia residents who have been accused of a crime, no matter how serious, should know that defendants also have rights, not the least of which is the right to remain silent.

Feds charge veteran Philly cop for allegedly providing information on drug bust to half-brother

Much of the city was abuzz last week over a story involving a veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department who is now facing federal charges for allegedly using his status as an intelligence officer to alert his half-brother to ongoing surveillance by the FBI and DEA.

Two Pennsylvania men charged in large-scale marijuana operation

Two men in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area were arrested last month on drug charges in separate raids on the same day last month. The two men, ages 50 and 49, respectively, were charged with offenses regarding drug dealing and were being held by Philadelphia County authorities.

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