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Expired solution for breathalyzers compromises recent DUI charges

Many Philadelphia residents will consume alcohol while they are enjoying summertime events. It can be a good way to enhance the experience of the event, but it can also lead to poor choices. One of these choices is to get behind the wheel and drive. If the person is caught, that person could be charged with a DUI.

Penalties for violating ignition interlock rules

Some drivers in Philadelphia have unfortunately received DUIs. These people have had various penalties imposed based on a number of factors. The biggest one, however, is how high their blood alcohol concentration or BAC was at the time of the incident. Additionally, there are other determining factors as well, such whether it was the person's first DUI or whether they received DUIs in the past.

Philadelphia nun tries using a unique defense after DUI charge

There are many laws in Philadelphia that people must follow. These laws are generally designed to protect both people are property. People do not always follow these laws though and people are charged with crimes every day. However, one of the basic principles of the criminal justice system is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. There are defenses to crimes and until the person is actually convicted, they remain innocent.

DUI statistics for Philadelphia in 2015

When people get behind the wheel in Philadelphia, they have certain responsibilities. They must obey the driving laws, be aware of their surroundings and ensure that they are driving in a manner to keep themselves and other drivers on the road safe. In order to do this the driver must pay attention to the road and their surroundings. Distracted driving can be dangerous, and that is why there are laws for texting and driving and drinking and driving.

Rules for sobriety checkpoints in Philadelphia

There are many rules that drivers in Philadelphia must follow while driving. These rules include speed limits, signaling turns, obeying stop signs and lights and many other rules. Another rule that they must follow is that they must be sober when they drive. If a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving they could be charged with a DUI.

Potential penalties for a first time DUI in Philadelphia

The alcohol industry is huge and many people drink alcohol in Philadelphia. What they drink may vary considerably from night to night and person to person, but the effects of any type of alcohol can catch up with a person. If the person consumes too much, they may start to make some poor choices. Sometimes the person may just embarrass themselves and have an awkward moment the next time they see a friend, other times they may be accused of a crime.

Penalties for a Fourth DUI in Philadelphia

The holidays are a festive time in Philadelphia. People attend many gatherings and parties to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. To help people get in the festive mood, it is common to have alcohol at these parties. to help everyone get into the festive mood. Sometimes people may consume more than they should though. Often times this leads to poor decisions.

Philadelphia nun allegedly driving drunk at time of accident

As the holidays approach people in Philadelphia will attend many parties with friends and family. Oftentimes, there is alcohol provided at these parties to help everyone get in the spirit. Most of the time, it simply helps everyone enjoy the festivities, however, if a person consumes too much alcohol, he or she may make decisions they regret later. One of these decisions is to get behind the wheel and drive.

Penalties for ignition interlock violations in Philadelphia

Many people in Philadelphia drink and drive. As a result many people receive DUIs each year. There are a number of penalties associated with a DUI conviction. These include fines, classes, potentially jail time and other consequences. One of these other consequences is a license suspension. The length of the suspension depends on a couple factors such the driver's BAC at the time and whether they had any prior DUIs.

License suspensions after a DUI in Philadelphia

Drinking alcohol is a common activity in Philadelphia. People consume it for various reasons and as long as they consume it responsibly, there is usually nothing illegal about it. However, sometimes people make poor decisions after a night of drinking. Sometimes these decisions simply get the person in trouble with friends or family, but other times the poor decisions lead to accidents or trouble with the law.

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