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Accelerated rehabilitative disposition for Philadelphi DUIs

There are many places and reasons to drink in Philadelphia, and many Philadelphians take advantage of those opportunities. There is nothing wrong with consuming alcohol, but some of the choices people make after consuming alcohol can get them into trouble. One of these decisions is to drive a vehicle after drinking too much alcohol. If the person is caught, they may end having to face the severe penalties of a DUI.

Alcohol and drug assessments after a DUI in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, like most cities in America, has strict laws for drinking and driving. It can be very dangerous, and the legislature has made it a priority to make the punishments severe enough to deter people from doing it. However, despite the efforts to curb drinking and driving, many people continue to do so. If these individuals are charged and convicted, they will face harsh penalties.

Protecting one's rights after a DUI in Philadelphia

The weather is getting nice in Philadelphia and, as a result, more and more people will be spending time outdoors. There are many outdoor events, concerts, sporting events and backyard barbeques. One thing that is common at most of these events is alcohol. It is not hard to have one too many when you are having a good time at a summertime event. However, those who decide to drive after drinking alcohol may be charged with a DUI.

Driving the wrong way may result in charges

A Philadelphia driver is facing charges related to an incident where he is alleged to have driven the wrong way down a Philly street, striking several vehicles. He will likely face DUI charges and charges for damaging property in connection with this instance.

Pheonixville man charged with DUI after crash

For those in the Philadelphia area, a DUI charge can lead to a number of serious consequences, from license revocation to jail time. For an example of what may happen if facing a DUI charge, Philadelphians need look no further than a recent accident that occurred in nearby Phoenixville, where police allege that a night of drinking may have led to extensive damages.

Pennsylvania man pulled over for expired tags, arrested for DUI

A DUI charge is a serious offense, and it is important for those facing such charges to prepare a strong DUI defense. A conviction for driving while intoxicated can bring about serious repercussions, including license suspension, license revocation and fines.

Woman arrested on drunk driving charges after crashing into Philadelphia police van

Anytime a person is arrested for drunk driving, it is important that they take the charges seriously. When the arrest is the result of an accident, it can lead to further charges and a more harsh punishment. A woman was arrested this week for alleged drunk driving in Philadelphia. Police say the woman crashed into a police van before being arrested.

Pennsylvania state trooper charged in connection with alleged drunk driving crash

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