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Collection And Enforcement Of Judgment

After an eviction, you or the property management company that you represent may need assistance from an experienced attorney to collect unpaid rent or collect for damage done to a rental property by tenants who were evicted.

The attorneys of Baritz Law Associates LLC, in Philadelphia, have 30 years’ experience representing landlords and other commercial entities in collection and enforcement of judgment decrees. We also assist with collection and enforcement of judgment pertaining to any litigation matter. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

When 30 Days Have Passed After the Judgment Decree

We are a family of lawyers and staff who are dedicated to protecting our clients’ assets and legal rights. We are prepared to take action promptly when the 30 days past a judgment has passed. Our attorneys are efficient and productive in execution of judgments through all phases, including filing a writ of execution, which acts as an attachment on bank accounts and can also serve to garnish up to 10% of a person’s wages where applicable.

Contingency Basis

Past and ongoing clients of Baritz Law Associates LLC, know and appreciate the promptness of our collection and enforcement of judgment practice. As a small law firm, we know our clients by name and tend to their needs without delay. We handle collection and enforcement of judgment matters on a contingency basis. Clients pay only court filing fees upfront. The balance of our attorneys’ fees comes out of money collected, on a percentage basis.

We Want To Meet You; We Are Ready To Serve You

Our family environment at Baritz Law Associates LLC, means that we value and cultivate personal relationships that enhance our ability to serve our clients well. It is common for us to file a writ of execution and get collection underway within half an hour of receiving the required information from a client.

Protect the financial viability of your business, property management company, condominium association or private enterprise of any kind following the issuing of a judgment in your favor. Call or email Baritz Law Associates LLC, to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We are ready to take action today to help you collect money that you are owed as a result of any type of court order.