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Philadelphia Attorneys Collecting Delinquent Condo Fees

Does your condominium association need a proven strategy to collect delinquent condo fees? If the answer is “yes,” taking an aggressive stance in pursuing collection of delinquent accounts will save your association substantial money.

Our Reputation Speaks

Baritz Law Associates LLC, is a Philadelphia area real estate and landlord-tenant law firm ready to assist condominium associations with collections from current or past residents. We are a family of attorneys and staff with a reputation for diligence and dedication. Our experience makes us a preferred resource for commercial landlords, condo associations, and buyers and sellers of real estate.

We Understand The Need For Reliability In Condo Fee Collection

Allowing condominium residents to postpone paying fees is asking for trouble in today’s rocky economy. Contact our law offices to learn how we can help you protect your bottom line and maintain the profitability that your operations depend on.

Protect The Integrity Of The Condominium’s Operations

A condominium association needs to collect all of its dues and assessments in order to properly fund its budget. If unit owners are permitted to be delinquent in their condo dues, all residents and owners are affected, not just management and the board of directors. Delinquencies result in a lower operating budget, which results in declining amenities and affects the general upkeep of the building.

Guard Against The Impact Of Foreclosures On The Horizon

With mortgage foreclosures on the rise, individual owners may seek to escape responsibility for payment of delinquent condo dues. Our office will help you obtain a judgment against the delinquent unit owner, protecting the association’s interests.

Call today to discuss the services that Baritz Law Associates LLC, provides to condominium associations.