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Eviction Process In New Jersey

Attorneys Protecting Your Rights In Eviction Proceedings

If you are a landlord who is seeking to evict a tenant, or if you are a tenant who is being evicted, it is important to make sure that your rights are protected. The eviction process in New Jersey can be complicated, and hiring a diligent, experienced attorney is crucial.

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The Eviction Process And Landlord/Tenant Rights

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, it is important to know what rights you have under New Jersey eviction laws. It is important for both parties to note that New Jersey landlords cannot change the locks nor turn off utilities based on the filing of an eviction notice alone. Except in cases where a tenant has not paid rent, the landlord is required to give the tenant a notice to quit, and in some cases a notice to cease. The notices differ in the following ways:

  • Notice to cease: A notice to cease is a letter stating that a tenant must cease conduct that is in violation of the law or of the lease. If the tenant ceases the activity, the landlord cannot evict. These are typically given for habitual late payment of rent or other lease violations.
  • Notice to quit: This letter terminates the tenancy and requires the tenant to vacate the property by a certain date. If the conduct in question does not require a notice to cease, then only a notice to quit has to be sent before an eviction suit can be filed.

Experienced attorney can make sure that the proper notices are served and that the rights of all parties are protected.

Notice Of Eviction Suits

The law requires landlords to give a certain amount of time to the tenant before an eviction suit may be filed in court. A three-day notice is required in cases of disorderly conduct, drug conviction or other criminal behavior. A 30-day notice is required when terms of the lease are being broken, such as habitual nonpayment of rent.

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The eviction process requires many steps to ensure that both the owners of property and the people who rent from them have their rights preserved and protected. Experienced lawyers from our firm can help both tenants and landlords who are involved in eviction proceedings and ensure that everything is done correctly. If you are a landlord, I can explain how to recover back rent. Contact a New Jersey landlord rights attorney or call 1-866-415-6588 for a free initial consultation.