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Property Tax Appeals

Pennsylvania’s property tax assessment process can be difficult to understand. Each county in the state assesses properties differently. Unfortunately, because the state and counties are understaffed, many properties are not assessed individually. Instead, the values from previous years are simply rolled over and used again with no inspection and with no regard for changes in the real estate market. This kind of method frequently leads to mistakes, which can cost a commercial or residential property owner or net lease tenant to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary tax.

Can I Challenge My Property Tax Assessment?

If you are worried that you may be paying too much, then you are ahead of most people. The majority of taxpayers simply have no idea that they may be getting overcharged, and so they never consider their options. The first step to take is to reach out to a Philadelphia property tax appeal lawyer at Baritz Law Associates LLC We can help you determine what, if any, actions you should take.

How Does Your Law Firm Help?

As attorneys with extensive experience in commercial and residential tax appeals, our initial step is to make a preliminary determination regarding the accuracy of your assessment. We work with a certified appraiser who collects information on the values of similar properties in your area, then we decide whether there are reasonable grounds to appeal.

If an appeal is warranted, then a detailed appraisal is prepared, and we file the appropriate paperwork with the Tax Assessment Appeal Board of the county where your property is located. The Board then schedules a date to hear arguments. It is not necessary for you to attend the hearing; your attorney can appear on your behalf. We have handled these hearings in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia County and counties across the state.

What Types Of Clients Do You Represent?

We handle taxation issues affecting both commercial and residential real estate throughout Pennsylvania. Our clients include anyone from homeowners to commercial property managers.

Net Lease Tenants

We are well-positioned to represent commercial tenants under net leases requiring the tenant to pay the real estate taxes. Our clients include national and regional restaurant chains and retail store chains, as well as net lease tenants who operate smaller businesses. Property taxes are often the single largest operating expense for these operations. Our services help clients avoid paying excess taxes, thereby adding value to the bottom line.

What Fees Are Associated With Your Services?

Under most circumstances, we handle Pennsylvania property tax appeals on a contingent fee basis. That means our fee varies according to the value of your property and the amount of tax reduction we achieve. If your taxes are not reduced, then you owe us nothing, with the exception of filing fees. The amount of the filing fee varies by county.

Contact A Tax Assessment Lawyer Serving Doylestown, Pennsylvania And Neighboring Areas

Based in Philadelphia, Baritz Law Associates LLC, handles property tax appeals throughout Pennsylvania. If you have questions or concerns about your tax situation, call us at 866-415-6588 or send us an email to arrange a free initial consultation.