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The Philadelphia law firm of Baritz Law Associates LLC, helps businesses around the metro area with mergers and acquisitions. Business mergers can be highly profitable, but also very complicated. Choose one of our attorneys to give yourself an edge throughout the process.

What Does It Take To Merge Two Pennsylvania Businesses?

A successful corporate merger or acquisition of one company by another can take a long time. There are many steps to take and questions to answer. What will the new business’s name be? Who will be part of the new ownership and who will be bought out? Will the new business’s goals, operations and corporate structure change?

Besides these considerations, there are several state and federal laws regulating mergers. Failure to follow these laws can cause the merger to fail. We have represented many businesses during the merger and acquisition process. Our business lawyers are thoroughly familiar with all the relevant laws, and we have guided clients through mergers of all levels of complexity.

One of the most important parts of any merger or acquisition is proving it will not harm competition. We will build a persuasive case for you that your proposed transaction will not lead to monopoly or other antitrust issues.

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Detailed preparation and strong negotiation skills are the keys to a profitable business merger or acquisition. To schedule a consultation with one of our highly experienced business lawyers, please call 866-415-6588 or email us. We represent clients throughout Eastern Pennsylvania.