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What Are My Rights During A Police Search?

The Bill of Rights gives all of us certain rights that limit when and how the police can search our bodies and our property. Knowing your rights can mean the difference between a wrongful conviction and getting the charges against you dropped.

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What Are My Rights During A Police Search?

You have rights during a police stop. Here are some examples of what the police cannot do to you:

  • Conduct a search of your body or your property without a search warrant at any place you have a reasonable expectation of privacy, like your home
  • Search your vehicle, unless the police have a reasonable suspicion that it contains contraband, stolen goods or evidence of a crime, or unless they have impounded the vehicle
  • Stop and frisk you on the street, unless they have a reasonable suspicion that you are committing a crime or concealing a weapon
  • Use anything seized during an illegal search as evidence against you at trial

Unfortunately, police officers do not always follow the rules. As your attorneys, we will find out if the police violated your legal rights and fight to get any tainted evidence thrown out of court. In many cases, it is possible to get your charges dropped due to police misconduct.

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