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No matter what type of drug charge you are facing or the circumstances of your drug-related arrest, having the representation of a knowledgeable, well-qualified criminal defense attorney is urgent and real.

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Charges Of Possession With The Intent To Deliver

These types of drug dealing or drug trafficking charges fall under four broadly defined categories:

  • The alleged manufacturing or creation of illegal drugs with a distribution intent
  • The alleged selling or delivering of illegal drugs to another individual
  • The alleged possession of illegal drugs in large enough amounts that indicate you intended to deliver them. This may depend on:
    • The type of drugs (marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin or methamphetamine pills, for example)

    • The weight of the drugs

    • The type of packaging used

    • The amount of money you possessed

    • The denominations of that money

    • The lack of any drug paraphernalia that a simple drug user might normally possess

    • You are charged with criminal conspiracy and possession with the intent to deliver because it is alleged you were working in conjunction with, or aiding in some way, another individual who is selling or delivering drugs

Possible Mandatory Minimum Sentences

If you are convicted of this charge, a mandatory minimum sentence may apply. The type of drug, the weight of that drug and whether you have any prior convictions for possession with the intent to deliver are all factors for your sentencing.

There are also mandatory minimum sentences for cases where the alleged incident occurred within a certain distance from a school. There are no mandatory minimum sentences for knowing and intentional possession of a controlled substance, otherwise known as simple possession.

We Are Prepared To Defend You

Defenses, such as possession for personal use only or police fabrication, depend on the circumstances of your case. However, we can question the police’s drug recovery. If the police did an illegal search of your person, your house or your car, we will challenge the prosecution’s ability to use those drugs against you at your trial. Without the drugs, there likely would be no case against you.

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