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Could an incentive trust give your more peace of mind?

The people we love can go through very difficult times. Sometimes, the kinds of support they think they need aren't actually what will benefit them the most. It can be difficult as a parent or grandparent to watch the children you love struggling with issues like a destructive marriage or a damaging addiction.

You want to offer support, but you don't want to enable dangerous and unhealthy behaviors. You will likely take steps every day to protect your loved ones from themselves. If you intend to include a struggling loved one in your estate plan, you may worry about what an inheritance could do to them. A lump sum could be dangerous in the hands of someone with an addiction or gambling problem.

Why work with an attorney to evict your problem tenant?

The rental market can be fiercely competitive, even when it seems like there is a housing shortage. When you manage to place a tenant in your property, you likely hope that they will stay there a long time. Landlords incur substantial expenses attempting to attract the best applicants for vacant units.

Unfortunately, people aren't always the way they appear on paper. Also, circumstances can change, leaving a tenant unable to pay or behaving in an undesirable way. The need to have stable income from tenants can inspire some landlords to overlook questionable behavior, such as damaging the property or not paying rent on time.

Commercial litigation: Disputes are sure to arise in business

Commercial litigation is a broad term that refers to any kind of dispute that comes up in business. That means that you could need help with commercial litigation if you work with an employee who violates their contract, a third party who doesn't hold up their end of agreements or others.

Whether you have partnership disputes, shareholder problems or a breach of contract to deal with, you will likely need to work with an attorney to resolve the issues that have come up.

Your business could be impacted by your DUI

As someone who runs a business, your biggest question is if a DUI will affect your business or not. You didn't expect to get a DUI, but you were pulled over after a night out with friends, and you were slightly over the limit.

While you still have a chance to defend yourself, the biggest question on your mind is if this DUI will affect your business moving forward. The answer is: possibly.

It’s easy to make these estate planning mistakes

Many people go into the process of estate planning with the idea that they simply want to get it out of the way. They don't care to learn more about the difference between wills and trusts. They don't care to think about what will happen to them in the event of incapacitation.

While it's okay that you don't want to spend too much time on the estate planning process, you can't put it on the backburner and hope for the best. Doing so can result in a variety of mistakes that cause trouble for you and your family now and in the future.

You have a right to fight any DUI charges you face

As a business professional, the last thing you want to have staining your name is a DUI. Unfortunately, you did make a mistake and drove home from a party while slightly intoxicated. You don't believe that the officer who pulled you over had an accurate Breathalyzer, though. The first reading was .08, but the second was only .05.

Your concern is that you are going to end up with a DUI despite faulty equipment and the knowledge that you didn't drive recklessly. You were stopped for a tail light burning out, not for being reckless. Today, you're concerned that you're going to lose clients and have a damaged reputation because of a series of misunderstandings. 

Don’t do any of these 5 things at a DUI checkpoint

You find yourself on the road, minding your business, when all of a sudden you're funneled into a DUI checkpoint. It's only natural for your nerves to kick in, especially if you have been drinking.

Although a DUI checkpoint can make for a nervous time, there's something you should always remember: Just because you proceed through a checkpoint doesn't necessarily mean you'll be arrested for driving under the influence.

Don't expect transfer on death accounts to help you avoid probate

There are a million reasons that people put off creating a last will or estate plan. Many people find the idea of deciding who gets what rather stressful. There is also the fact that estate planning is a continual process, with your last will requiring updates as your family situation changes.

For some people, the stress they mentally associate with estate planning can lead them to make questionable financial decisions. A common mistake is the assumption that creating beneficiaries or secondary account holders for major financial accounts will be enough to allow your estate to avoid probate. While that may work in some cases, more often, it will leave your family vulnerable to the expense and delay of probate court.

Is your commercial property protected from premises liability?

Owning commercial property is a great investment. Whether you use it to house your own business or rent the space out to other companies, you can save money or make money. There are also fewer limits on how you can utilize a property when you own it yourself.

However, there is a downside to managing a commercial property. You incur serious risk of someone getting hurt while visiting your property. That could result in massive medical bills and even a civil lawsuit for other financial concerns, such as lost wages. This risk is known as premises liability, and it is a common concern for anyone operating a business.

Why many people find trusts important during estate planning

Estate planning is a complicated process, and some people rush through it just to get it finished. However, hurrying isn't helpful when creating something as detailed and important as an estate plan.

There are many considerations that people overlook in the initial stages of estate planning that can later come back to impact the validity of their last will or how much of their assets actually pass on to their intended heirs. Issues such as challenges and probate court, or even taxes, can impact the legacy you leave behind. Creating a trust is a great way to protect your legacy.

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