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The law firm of Kenneth L. Baritz & Associates, P.C., places a high priority on clear communication with clients. Whether you are a landlord, tenant, buyer or seller of real estate, business owner, or are facing criminal charges, we provide you with valuable legal counsel and representation.

We provide our clients with prompt service and the full benefit of our extensive knowledge and our law firm's more than 30 years of experience. Contact a Philadelphia eviction attorney, criminal defense attorney, or a Social Security attorney, serving Philadelphia, Chester, and other areas, or call our office at 866-415-6588 for a free initial consultation.

Experienced Business Entity, Real Estate, Social Security and Criminal Defense Lawyers

As a well-established family-owned law firm, our dedicated attorneys can help you with any of your business or real estate needs. Some of our practice areas include:

Landlord and tenant representation : If you are a landlord seeking eviction or a tenant facing eviction, we can help you. Our lawyers can represent you in eviction proceedings in Philadelphia or greater Philadelphia as well as New Jersey.

Real estate acquisition and sales : Whether you are buying or selling real estate, our experienced attorneys will be there to assist you. We represent buyers and sellers in both commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Business development and formation : We can help you at all stages of your business. From formation and incorporation of a new business to providing knowledgeable legal advice for a well-established business, our experienced attorneys can help you every step of the way.

Criminal defense : Our dedicated Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers can provide you with seasoned criminal defense for a variety of misdemeanor and felony charges from DUI, multiple offense DUI and drug charges to sex crimes and white collar crimes. We also provide criminal defense for:

Gun charges : Gun-related charges are very serious and could result in significant prison time. We can help you develop a strong defense for any gun charges you may be facing.

Assault, robbery, burglary and theft : These are very serious charges, and they require a serious defense. Our experienced lawyers will mount an aggressive defense against such charges.

Underage drinking: Young adults, particularly college students, often find themselves in legal trouble arising from underage drinking and related charges. We can help assist you with any charges you may be facing.

Expungements: If you were arrested, but never convicted for a crime, you may still have a criminal record that can affect every aspect of your life from employment to housing. We can help get your criminal record erased.

Social Security Disability benefits: If you need legal assistance regarding Social Security Disability benefits, the SSD application process, SSD appeals, SSD qualifying conditions or Supplemental Security Income, our dedicated attorneys are available to help answer any questions and provide representation.

Workers' compensation: If you have been injured on the job, we can help you file a workers' comp claim. If your claim was rejected, talk to us about an appeal. We will work diligently to obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

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If you need legal help regarding rental property issues, real estate, business issues, or criminal defense, a Philadelphia lawyer can help. Please contact an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense, Social Security Disability and business law attorney or call 866-415-6588 for a free consultation.