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September 2013 Archives

Penn's crime log violates Pennsylvania Juvenile Act

College campuses in the Philadelphia area see many crimes committed each month. Crimes such as theft, underage drinking and disorderly conduct are reported to the police on a routine basis. While many of the crimes minors allegedly commit are the same ones as adults, minors are given special rights under the Pennsylvania Juvenile Act.

Pennsylvania man with stun gun faces multiple weapons charges

While the Second Amendment protects Pennsylvanians' rights to bear arms, there are many instances where it is illegal to possess weapons. In Pennsylvania there are many different offenses involving weapons with which a person can be charged. One does not even need to use the weapon or intend to use the weapon in order to be charged with a crime. Also, weapons charges are not just limited to guns, but also cover other dangerous weapons. The penalties for these offenses can be serious and also may prohibit a person from lawfully possessing weapons in the future.

Traffic stop leads to Philadelphia man's arrest on Drug Charges

Almost every driver gets a little nervous when a police cruiser pulls behind them. It seems as if they are waiting for any minor slipup to pull a driver over. Sometimes their motives are to police traffic violations, but other times they are seeking to find a bigger arrest. When officers feel this way and make a traffic stop, they often try to find a way, sometimes an illegal way, to search the individual's car.

Pennsylvania police crack down on underage drinking

As young adults head back to college around the Philadelphia area, underage drinking and related criminal charges are once again in the spotlight. Undercover Pennsylvania police recently patrolled the Made in America music festival. The undercover officers were looking for minors in consumption and other liquor law violations.