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October 2016 Archives

When people can carry a gun without a license to carry

People in Philadelphia own guns for many different reasons. Many want to be able to protect themselves from intruders who may break into their homes or businesses. Others may be worried about who they may encounter in various public areas. Others own guns for hunting and other recreational purposes. People can possess guns without a license to carry a firearm as long as they keep them in their homes or places of business, but if they want to carry them, generally they will need a license.

Potential punishment for selling drugs to a minor

For the most part, when adults make choices in Philadelphia, it is assumed that they understand the consequences of their actions. There is less sympathy for adults than when minors may commit similar actions. There is also an interest in protecting youth from being corrupted or influenced by adults since minors may not truly understand what they are getting into when something is suggested to them by an adult.

An alleged drunk driver struck a police car in Philadelphia

There are many people who own vehicles and drive in Philadelphia every day. These drivers have a duty to drive responsibly to protect themselves and the other drivers on the road. To assist in keeping everyone safe, there are also many traffic rules and laws that drivers must obey. These laws include speed limits, stop lights, signs, lanes and many others.

What to expect at a juvenile adjudicatory hearing

Many adults who commit crimes go through the criminal justice system in Philadelphia. There is a hearing process that must be followed and an order to what happens at each of those hearings. Similarly, if a juvenile is accused of a crime, they will also go through a process known as the juvenile law system. There are many similarities between the two systems, but there are differences as well, which take into consideration the age and maturity of the juveniles.

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