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July 2016 Archives

Three Philadelphia men allegedly sold stolen guns

Gun control is a highly debated issue among people in Philadelphia. People on both sides of the issue are very passionate about their position. However, people still have the right to possess firearms. There are many regulations on who can own them and the steps one must take to buy them. This is also true for those who sell guns as well. A Philadelphia resident cannot simply sell guns to the public without the proper licensing.

Avoiding a conviction for drug charges in Philadelphia

Drugs are so appealing for many people because of the way they make people feel good. Many drugs can also be very addicting. Theses addictions can be very dangerous for the person using the drug and can lead to a number of other problems in the person's life as well.

Expired solution for breathalyzers compromises recent DUI charges

Many Philadelphia residents will consume alcohol while they are enjoying summertime events. It can be a good way to enhance the experience of the event, but it can also lead to poor choices. One of these choices is to get behind the wheel and drive. If the person is caught, that person could be charged with a DUI.

Potential penalties for a minor who is charged with a DUI

As young people in Philadelphia grow up, there are many choices they have to make. Many times they make these choices without the benefit of understanding the consequences of those decisions. As people grow older, they have experiences that allow them to make more informed decisions, but when they are young, they lack that experience. One of those choices that young people make without understanding the consequences is underage drinking.

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