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April 2013 Archives

61 cited for underage drinking at Phillies game

For many sports enthusiasts who visit Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia to watch the Phillies play, having a beer or two is a part of the experience. Sometimes fans spend time in the parking lot prior to the game with their friends, or participate in "tailgating" before the game begins. Recently, plainclothes officers who were patrolling the parking lot before and during a Phillies game cited 61 people for underage drinking. In this instance, 59 individuals between 18 and 20 were cited and 2 individuals under the age of 18 were cited.

Driving the wrong way may result in charges

A Philadelphia driver is facing charges related to an incident where he is alleged to have driven the wrong way down a Philly street, striking several vehicles. He will likely face DUI charges and charges for damaging property in connection with this instance.

Philly man facing felony charges for possession of a firearm

Weapons charges can lead to serious consequences for those who are convicted of gun-related offenses. Even seemingly unrelated or questionable traffic stops can have repercussions, particularly if a search of the vehicle leads to the discovery of unlicensed firearms. Philadelphians should take note of a recent incident that left a man from Philadelphia facing charges for possession of a firearm and other equally serious charges.

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