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August 2016 Archives

Using a weapon in self-defense in Philadelphia

People in Philadelphia possess many different kinds of weapons or different objects that can be used as weapons. Many times, the person legally owns the weapon, but there are many others who have weapons illegally. However, regardless of whether the person possesses a weapon legally or illegally, in most situations, it is illegal to use those weapons to harm another.

Drug charges for possession of cocaine with intent to deliver

There are legal ways and illegal ways to possess drugs in Philadelphia. The legal way is by having a valid prescription for the drug from a doctor. When drugs are prescribed, they are controlled and being used to treat a medical condition. However, if the drug is not prescribed, often, the drug would be illegal and possession of it would also be a crime. Then, there are other drugs, which are never prescribed by doctors and only possessed illegally.

Protecting your rights after being charged with a DUI

There are many laws in Pennsylvania that pertain to DUIs. There are different penalties based on a driver's blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, and whether it is the driver's first DUI or if they have had prior DUIs. These penalties affect both the driver's criminal record as well as their driver's license. They can face fines and jail time and lose their driver's license for a period of time. They also may be required to install ignition interlock in their vehicle and have to attend driving safety classes.

What are the consequences for providing alcohol to a minor?

There are age restrictions on the right to consume alcohol. Right now most people know that the legal drinking age is 21-years-old. So, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol and they could receive an underage drinking violation if they do. However, many people under the age of 21 still consume alcohol in Philadelphia each year. This is especially true at the various colleges and universities in and around Philadelphia.

Juvenile informal adjustment after a written allegation

Juveniles are treated differently than adults in Philadelphia in many respects. Until they are 18-years-old their parent or guardian is responsible to ensure that their needs are met and the parents usually make the rules for the child. In order to do many things the child also needs the consent of the parent or guardian. Juveniles are also treated differently in the criminal system as well. For most offenses, people under 18 go through the juvenile justice system, which is different than the adult system in many respects.

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