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April 2015 Archives

Penalties for possessing a gun in a courthouse in Philadelphia

Many different kinds of guns and weapons can be found in Philadelphia. Some people own the guns legally, while others do not. With the proper licenses an individual can even carry a gun in public places and some private places. It is perfectly legal and well within a person's right under the law. However, even a person with the proper licenses cannot bring a gun everywhere. If a person brings a gun into a place that prohibits guns, they may be facing gun charges.

Rules for access to juvenile criminal records in Philadelphia

There are many differences between the adult criminal system and the juvenile law system in Philadelphia. Many of the crimes committed by juveniles are the same as those committed by adults, but the juvenile case is handled differently. The main difference is that the main goal of the juvenile system is rehabilitation in order to try and change a juvenile's behavior before becoming an adult.

What are the potential penalties for cocaine possession?

If one wants, one could find a number of different drugs in Philadelphia. There are many people who use these drugs on a regular basis and may be addicted to the drug. Others may just use a drug recreationally. However, the frequency of the use does not make it more or less illegal. If a person is caught with a drug, most likely he or she will be charged with a drug offense.

Many underage drinking tickets issued at St. Patrick's Day parade

People in Philadelphia find many reasons to drink alcohol throughout the year. It could be a birthday, a sporting event, a happy hour with friends or co-workers, family holidays and many others. Also, not just adults find reasons to drink. Minors find reasons to consume alcohol, as well. One holiday, however, that tends to unite both adult and underage drinkers is St. Patrick's Day.

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