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January 2015 Archives

Penalties for marijuana possession in Philadelphia

There are many people in Philadelphia who smoke marijuana. It is a relatively common drug and generally thought to be not as dangerous as other drugs. However, smoking marijuana is still a crime. Just as it is illegal to use, it is also illegal to sell or grow marijuana, as well. The penalties can be fairly severe, depending on the circumstances, if one is convicted of the crime.

Penalties for providing alcohol to a minor

There are many colleges in Philadelphia. A popular activity of many college students is drinking alcohol. This is true for both the students who are at least 21 years old and those who are under 21. As it is illegal for people under 21 years old to buy alcohol, in order to drink it someone needs to provide it to them. This can be someone selling it to them or bringing it to a party for underage people to drink.

Number of drunk driving arrests in Philadelphia in 2014

There have been many efforts to curb drunk driving in Philadelphia. There are commercials on television, advertisements in magazines and newspapers, classes and other efforts. Also, the penalties for driving under the influence can be very severe and cause many difficulties for people with DUI convictions. Despite all of these efforts and people's knowledge of the dangers of drunk driving, there were still many DUI arrests in the Philadelphia metro area in 2014.

Defending against gun charges

Many people in Philadelphia own or possess guns. While the Constitution protects one's right to bear arms, there are many rules in place as to who can actually possess one and where they are allowed to have it. Giving the deadly nature of firearms, there are also severe penalties in place for those who violate the law regarding guns.

When is a juvenile charged as an adult in Philadelphia?

Many people in Philadelphia are charged with various crimes every day. These crimes vary significantly in severity and the punishments vary significantly as well. Also, people of all ages commit crimes. This includes both adults and juveniles. Generally when a juvenile is charged with a crime, the case is handled differently than if the person is an adult though.

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