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May 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania drug court judge faces drug charges of his own

Judges often face the task of sentencing those who commit drug offenses. A Washington county judge, however, is now facing drug charges of his own. The judge retired last July from a special drug treatment court while an investigation into his unusual practice of keeping drugs in his chambers was still pending.

Drunk student left in a wheelchair in a hospital lobby

College students find themselves in many unique situations during their years in institutions of higher learning. Recently, one student made headlines in relation to a very strange set of events. An allegedly intoxicated student was recently left in a wheelchair in the lobby of a hospital with a Post-It note stuck to his chest. While this story occurred in a location outside of Philadelphia, it is of particular relevance to Philadelphians, as there are so many college students in the city of brotherly love. Underage drinking can definitely lead college students to make regrettable decisions and the individuals involved in this situation may have done just that.

Philadelphia man faces serious drug charges after traffic stop

It's a common occurrence in Philadelphia and other parts of the country for serious drug charges to come out of a routine traffic stop. If occupants have illegal drugs in the car, they could be facing the heavy penalties that come with drug charges.

Students facing drug possession charges over pot brownies

Philadelphians will be interested to hear about a situation that has two high school students facing drug possession charges after they allegedly decided to bake pot brownies and bring them to their high school to distribute to their classmates. What two students may have thought of as a harmless prank may have long-term consequences for both. While this may sound like something out of a movie, these events unfolded in real life and not upon the silver screen. This situation is an important reminder of how the decisions teenagers make may end up being much more serious than they may believe at the time.

Philadelphia ambulance driver fired as a result of alleged DUI

Philadelphians will be interested to learn of the recent firing of an ambulance driver from Philadelphia. This incident reveals that being charged with a DUI can be enough to cause considerable damage to a person's life, even if the person is not convicted of the alleged offense.

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