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May 2016 Archives

Circumstances when juveniles are treated as adults

Many juveniles commit crimes every year in Philadelphia. Most of the time, these juveniles go through the juvenile law system after being charged with a crime. The juvenile system differs from the adult system in some respects. The biggest difference is that the punishments are given after looking into what is the best way to rehabilitate the juvenile. It is not simply to punish; however, the goal is try and prevent juveniles from committing crimes later on as adults.

Determining if new drugs are illegal controlled substances

There are many different types of drugs Philadelphia residents could encounter or require for various needs and ailments. Some of the drugs are used to treat various medical issues or to control pain levels. Generally, a doctor prescribes these. However, there are many drugs that have no medical purposes and are simply used for their side effects or to get high. Also, some of the drugs that are prescribed by doctors are taken by people who do not have prescriptions for that drug.

Philadelphia nun tries using a unique defense after DUI charge

There are many laws in Philadelphia that people must follow. These laws are generally designed to protect both people are property. People do not always follow these laws though and people are charged with crimes every day. However, one of the basic principles of the criminal justice system is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. There are defenses to crimes and until the person is actually convicted, they remain innocent.

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