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January 2016 Archives

Weapons that are illegal to possess in Philadelphia

People in Philadelphia have the right to bear arms, and many people legally own guns. There are also many Pennsylvanians who own guns illegally. People can lose their right to own guns if they commit various crimes or because of other past actions. There are also laws regarding where people can possess guns, and people must have permits to carry them on the streets. While there are a number of laws regulating the ownership and possession of guns, they are still legal to own, as long as one follows the rules.

Teenager arrested for DUI in Philadelphia after accident

When a teenager in Philadelphia passes their driver's test and is issued a driver's license, it is a big day. It is a big step towards gaining freedom from their parents and beginning to transition to the next stage of their life. The new found freedom also comes with new responsibilities, which cannot be taken lightly. Drivers need to make sure that they are driving safely to ensure their own safety, as well as those around them.

How is the justice system different kids and adults?

There are many laws in Philadelphia. They govern over many different activities that people may engage in. The majority of the laws govern all people regardless of age. However, there are some that only govern juvenile crimes, such as curfew violations and some driving laws. Nonetheless, no matter the age of the person who may have committed a crime, the consequences can be severe and have a big effect on the person's life.

Protecting one's rights after a drug possession charge

There are many people in Philadelphia who use drugs. Many times drugs can be essential for people suffering from ailments or injuries. They can take away pain or help in the healing process. As long as the person taking the drug has a prescription they are not doing anything illegal. However, if the person is in possession of drugs without a prescription or taking drugs that are never prescribed, he or she is doing so illegally and may face serious consequences if caught.

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