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December 2016 Archives

Police arrest 176 people accused of drug dealing in Philadelphia

There are many Philadelphia residents who use prescription drugs to treat various medical conditions and injuries. When used correctly, these drugs can be beneficial. However, as law enforcement attempts to crack down on substance abuse, even these individuals may wind up facing serious criminal charges.

Exception to the law against underage drinking in Philadelphia

There are many colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. Students primarily attend these institutions in order to receive a college degree and hopefully find well-paying and satisfying employment afterwards. It is also many students' first time not living with their parents; a time when they establish themselves as adults. When students are exploring their freedom, many of them go to parties and consume alcohol in order to let loose and have a good time.

What are the penalties for a second DUI in Philadelphia?

There are many different social occasions that people attend during the holiday season. There are parties for work and social organizations, and families also get together in celebration of the season. It is generally a festive time when alcohol is involved. Alcohol can sometimes make the party a little more fun and help people get through some potentially awkward situations. However, it can also lead to regretful decisions or allegations of criminal wrongdoing.

Number of alleged juvenile crimes vs. substantiated ones

Young people in Philadelphia can find themselves in peculiar circumstances. Sometimes these situations lead to allegations of criminal wrongdoing. Those juveniles who are accused of a crime may be confronted by the potential for harsh penalties that can affect their future.

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