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August 2012 Archives

Philadelphia woman accused of menacing husband with knife

Domestic disputes occur daily in cities throughout Pennsylvania, and these situations can spiral out of control. When this occurs, the police are often called to the location, and people who are otherwise calm and reasonable individuals may be charged with disturbing the peace or other, more serious crimes.

Philadelphia gun-trafficking probe leads to 22 arrests

Twenty-two men will need legal representation following a flurry of arrests resulting from a lengthy undercover gun-trafficking investigation in Philadelphia. No matter what the investigation reveals, the men charged in the probe are entitled to a rigorous defense from attorneys skilled at representing individuals facing gun charges.

Co-founder of Crocs footwear arrested for DUI

This past weekend, John Boedecker, a co-founder of the much-loved Crocs footwear line made headlines in Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately, the headlines weren't for his philanthropic works, but rather for his rather bizarre drunk driving arrest.

Feds charge veteran Philly cop for allegedly providing information on drug bust to half-brother

Much of the city was abuzz last week over a story involving a veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department who is now facing federal charges for allegedly using his status as an intelligence officer to alert his half-brother to ongoing surveillance by the FBI and DEA.

Public service video gives teens the truth about underage drinking

Even though there is only one month of summer remaining before the start of school, many teens across Pennsylvania are making the most of their remaining vacation time, working extra shifts, taking trips to the lake and, of course, hanging out with friends. However, it is this last element that is the most concerning to many parents as it can sometimes translate into opportunities for underage drinking.

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