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August 2015 Archives

Philadelphia hotel calls police on guests; drug charges result

Drugs tend to be prevalent in big cities like Philadelphia. Some of the drugs used are legal prescription drugs, but many others are used illegally. This means that one cannot just go to a pharmacy to buy them. Therefore, someone manufactures and supplies the drugs illegally and many people are involved in that process as well. If these people are caught, the consequences can be very serious.

Variety of factors contribute to underage drinking

There are many colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. Soon there will be thousands of students heading back to them to begin classes for the fall. As most are aware, there are many activities that college students partake in besides their studies. One common activity is drinking alcohol and going to parties and bars. This means that many local students engage in underage drinking each year.

Accelerated rehabilitative disposition for Philadelphi DUIs

There are many places and reasons to drink in Philadelphia, and many Philadelphians take advantage of those opportunities. There is nothing wrong with consuming alcohol, but some of the choices people make after consuming alcohol can get them into trouble. One of these decisions is to drive a vehicle after drinking too much alcohol. If the person is caught, they may end having to face the severe penalties of a DUI.

Philadelphia man charged with multiple gun offenses

As the presidential election heats up, people in Philadelphia will hear arguments on both sides regarding the gun laws in the United States. However, no matter what happens throughout the election process, currently, gun laws remain in place. These laws restrict who is allowed to possess firearms and what those people need to do in order to possess and carry them. Due to the dangerous nature of guns, the penalties for illegally possessing one can be severe.

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