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March 2015 Archives

Special rules for DUIs involving commercial and school vehicles

Many people consume alcohol every day in Philadelphia. Afterwards some of them decide to drive. As a result many people are charged with a DUI every year. Some have consumed more alcohol than others, though. The law understands that and has divided the consequences for a DUI into three categories with increasing penalties for people who have a higher blood alcohol level and for those with multiple DUIs.

Can one possess a weapon on school property in Philadelphia?

For many people it is legal to possess and carry firearms in Philadelphia. As long as the person is not disqualified from possessing a gun and has a permit to carry, then it is perfectly legal for the person to possess the gun in public. However, this only applies to public locations or the person's own property. There are places where a person cannot possess a firearm even if they have the proper licenses. If they are caught with a gun in certain locations, they could face weapons charges.

Avoiding long-term consequences after a juvenile charge

Many juveniles in Philadelphia make poor choices. Part of it is just the process of growing up and the choices will not have a great effect on the rest of their lives. However, some of these poor choices are illegal and the juvenile may end up being charged with a juvenile offense. Even if it seems minor, having a juvenile offense on a child's record can have very serious consequences on their future.

Avoiding conviction for certain people charged with drug offenses

There are many drug users in Philadelphia as well as many drug dealers. There are also many types of drugs that people sell and use. For legal purposes, such drugs are classified into five Schedules depending on how they affect a person. If a person is caught selling or possessing drugs, the severity of the punishment varies depending on what type of drug they are caught with.

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