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June 2014 Archives

Police issue 14 underage drinking tickets at party in the woods

Many young people under the age of 21 drink alcohol in Philadelphia. There are various reasons for why they do it. Sometimes it may be peer pressure, or they want to fit in with a certain group. Other times it can be seen as a good way to relieve stress and have a good time. While underage drinking is relatively common, it is still illegal. Many kids drink and do not get caught, but many others do get caught and the consequences are more serious than one may think.

Sobriety checkpoint nets 13 DUI arrests

Summer is in full swing and many people in Philadelphia want to get outside and enjoy various outdoor events. Many of these events involve drinking alcohol, even if it is just going to a friend's house to grill and enjoy the warm weather. Most enjoy alcohol responsibly, but it is not difficult to cross the line and have just one too many alcoholic beverages. Driving afterward may result in DUI charges, which if convicted, can carry some serious consequences.

Philadelphia student charged for allegedly bringing gun to school

Many people in Philadelphia exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms by owning guns. People own guns for a variety of reasons such as hunting or in order to protect their home. However, despite having the right to bear arms, people still must register the gun and have a permit in order to legally possess them. There are also restrictions on where people are able to have the guns and if a person brings a gun to the wrong place, they could face gun charges.

Twelve-year-old students accused of dealing sleeping pills

Kids in Philadelphia get into trouble for various things each day. Many times they are not doing anything illegal and simply breaking the rules at home or school. However, other times, a child not only breaks the rules, but also breaks the law. Certain activities, like drug possession, will result in a punishment at home or school and may also result in a criminal charge against the child. If the child is formally charged, then they must go through the juvenile law system to determine their punishment.

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