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October 2014 Archives

Collateral consequences of juvenile crimes

Many juveniles are charged with crimes in Philadelphia every year. The crimes they commit range from curfew violations to drug possession to serious felony level crimes. However, there are differences between adult court and juvenile court. For instance, the consequences are a little different in the juvenile system. The goal of the punishments is to help rehabilitate the juvenile so they do not commit the same crimes as an adult.

Man from Philadelphia allegedly in possession of marijuana

Many people in Philadelphia smoke marijuana, but may do so only for personal use and recreational purposes. A bill recently passed in Philadelphia decriminalized possession of a small amount of marijuana, so people who only smoke it recreationally will no longer have a criminal record if they are caught with marijuana for recreational use. However, possessing large amounts of marijuana or drug dealing remains a crime.

Pennsylvania's diversion program basics for underage drinking

There are many colleges in the Philadelphia area. One activity that college students tend to indulge in is underage drinking. Most of them know that it is illegal, but many may think it is a harmless crime and the consequences are not a big deal. However, a conviction for underage drinking can have long-term consequences that a college student may not think about. For instance, a conviction will result in a criminal record and must be disclosed on future school and job applications.

What are the penalties for a second DUI in Pennsylvania?

There are many people in Philadelphia who consume alcohol to the point of impairment. This by itself is not usually a huge problem, but the choices a person makes while impaired can become a big deal. One relatively common decision that can have serious consequences is getting behind the wheel and driving. Many people in Philadelphia have one DUI. Previously we discussed the consequences for a first time DUI, but some people make the mistake of drinking and driving even after an initial DUI. These people may end up getting a second DUI. They should know that the consequences for a second DUI conviction are more serious than an initial DUI.

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