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April 2017 Archives

Springfield Twp. police say they won't tolerate juvenile crimes

When groups of teens get together, sometimes peer pressure can get the best of them. Moreover, a young person's mind is still developing, and they may be unable to understand the long-term consequences of their actions. This may cause a teen to inadvertently commit an illegal act, even if they never meant to do anything harmful to another. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean police in Pennsylvania will be lenient with them.

When is an ignition interlock device required in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, a law known as the Ignition Interlock Law was enacted in hopes of reducing the number of repeat drunk driving offenses. An ignition interlock device is a machine that can be mounted on an automobile's steering column. The machine is designed to stop a person from being able to operate the automobile if they are drunk. The driver is required to blow into the ignition interlock device to start the car. If the device picks up the presence of alcohol, the automobile will not start.

Teenager accused of breaking synagogue window

Most children don't have the maturity to anticipate how seemingly innocent acts could actually constitute illegal activities. For example, understanding the difference between curiosity and criminal acts can be a blurred line for many Philadelphia teenagers. Take into account the following incident.

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