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February 2014 Archives

Four juveniles charged after fight on train

Many crimes are committed in the Philadelphia area each year, and both adults and juveniles commit these crimes. Some of the crimes committed by juveniles can only be committed by people under a certain age, such as curfew violations or underage drinking. However, juveniles can also be charged with the same crimes as adults. These crimes can include assaults, drug possession, weapon possession and even murder. How the charges are handled is slightly different in the juvenile justice system, but the crimes are still the same.

Alleged prostitute's "muscle" accused of possessing stolen gun

There are many people in Philadelphia who own or possess guns. However, not everyone who possesses a gun has the right to do so. In order to lawfully possess a gun, a person must have a valid permit for the gun and it must be registered. While many have these permits, many do not. The people who have guns without permits can get them from a variety of sources and from a variety of locations. However, it does not matter where they get the guns; if they do not have a valid permit, they run the risk of facing gun charges.

10 people charged in drug ring with Philadelphia ties

Many people from Philadelphia are charged with drug related offenses each year. The charges can vary from simple possession of illegal substances to charges of intent to deliver. There are also many different types of illegal substances that people possess or sell such as marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin and prescription drugs without a valid prescription. However, no matter what the charge or the type of drug, a person charged with a drug offense is simply beginning the legal process. Until they either plead guilty or are convicted at trial, the person remains innocent.

Contest announced for students to discourage underage drinking

There can be a lot of social pressures on teenagers to do various things. Peer pressure leads many teenagers to do things they know they should not do, but they want to fit in so they partake in the activity. One of the common activities may be underage drinking. Many teenagers do not think it is that big of a deal because they see so many of their friends doing it. Also, many think that if they get caught the consequences are not that severe.

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