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September 2015 Archives

Avoiding the strict penalties of an underage drinking charge

There are many students at the universities and colleges in and around Philadelphia. College is an important time in a young person's life as they venture out onto their own and start to create a future. Many times this means that they take advantage of not being under their parent's roof and tend to make decisions accordingly. One activity that is popular for young people in college is underage drinking.

License suspensions after a DUI in Philadelphia

Drinking alcohol is a common activity in Philadelphia. People consume it for various reasons and as long as they consume it responsibly, there is usually nothing illegal about it. However, sometimes people make poor decisions after a night of drinking. Sometimes these decisions simply get the person in trouble with friends or family, but other times the poor decisions lead to accidents or trouble with the law.

How to obtain a license to carry a gun in Philadelphia

Many people possess guns in Philadelphia. However, not everyone who possesses a gun does so legally. Certain people are unable to possess one based on a number of different factors. Generally the person has been convicted of certain crimes in the past, such as domestic abuse. If those people have a gun at all they may face gun charges and severe penalties.

The role of social studies in the juvenile law system

As children in Philadelphia grow up and become teens and young adults, they are constantly developing. Along the way juveniles will make poor choices. Some of these choices will result with juvenile charges against the child, such as underage drinking or drug charges. If the juvenile is convicted of the crime, it can result in long-term consequences for the child that they most likely do not realize at the time they made the decision. However, when punishing the juvenile, the courts do try to rehabilitate the person to try and ensure they will not make the same choices as an adult.

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