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May 2014 Archives

Man faces drug charges after police bust alleged drug ring

Despite efforts to keep people off of drugs, there are many people in Philadelphia who use drugs. The reasons for and the amount of use vary from person to person. No matter the reason though, for most, someone needs to supply the drugs. As it is an illegal enterprise, drug dealing can be profitable and dangerous, at the same time. A lot of money can be made, but the dealers have to deal with rival drug dealers and police who are constantly trying to bust them and put them in jail.

Philadelphia neighborhood outraged over drunk teens' behavior

After the long winter that Philadelphia endured, many residents are overjoyed to have spring here. Residents can finally get out of their homes and enjoy the weather. It also means that many young people are out of school for the summer. Many college students move back home, but they also want to enjoy the lifestyle they were used to during the school year. This means many of them will figure out as many ways as possible to get together with friends and drink.

Philadelphia police officer faces DUI charges after accident

There are many people in Philadelphia who consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel. Not everyone who drinks alcohol and drives is legally under the influence, but many of them are and may face DUI charges. This goes for any driver regardless of what they do for a profession, even police officers. Many may think that police officers are above the law, but if they drink and drive, they may be convicted of a DUI just like anyone else.

Man faces weapons charges after alleged assault on EMT

Many people in Philadelphia own or possess guns and other various weapons. People own guns for a variety of reasons, from hunting to personal safety. In order to legally own a gun, however, the person must have a permit for it. However, many people do not have permits or are prohibited from owning a gun for other reasons. If the person does not own the gun legally, they could face serious gun charges if they are caught with one.

Two Philadelphia juveniles facing drug possession charges

There are programs in Philadelphia schools designed to keep kids off drugs. However, despite the efforts, many young people are involved with drugs. Some simply use them while others are involved in the distribution of drugs. Many of the people will get away with it and never end up being charged criminally, but many others will end up facing juvenile charges for drug possession or intent to deliver. The consequences, if convicted, can be serious, but a juvenile like an adult is innocent until proven guilty.

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