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November 2013 Archives

Drivers suspected of DUI injure two officers in accidents

There are many car accidents in Philadelphia each year. There are also many factors that cause those accidents. Sometimes the accidents involve drivers who have been suspected of drinking. In these cases, many times the person suspected of driving is charged with a DUI. However, just because there was an accident does not mean that a driver will be convicted of DUI. After being charged, the defendant goes through the criminal justice process and has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty -- even if the alleged victim is a police officer.

Increase in ads for booze may increase underage drinking

Many teenagers in Philadelphia drink alcohol before they are 21 years old. This behavior is relatively common and sometimes almost expected when they are in college. Despite the fact that this behavior is relatively common, it is still illegal and can have more consequences than one may think. One recent study fears that an increase in ads for alcohol on TV may be one reason that underage drinking is so common.

Jets running back charged with weapons possession

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the citizens of Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation's right to bear arms. However, while people have the right to bear arms, there are many regulations that must be followed in order to possess guns. Possession of a firearm without following these regulations may result in weapons charges against that person and, if convicted, a person may face serious consequences as a result.

Students face charges after fight at Philadelphia high school

Many teenagers are arrested each year for various crimes. The crimes range from curfew violations to more serious crimes such as murder. These crimes can have long-term consequences beyond simply the criminal consequences. Even seemingly less serious crimes such as crimes underage drinking can impact a teenager's ability to find a job or in the college admissions process. When these crimes occur at school, the teenager may face consequences with the school, such as suspension, in addition to criminal charges.

Man from Philadelphia arrested after alleged drug sale

Philadelphia police make many drug-related arrests each year. The charges range from simple possession to felony possession charges or charges of intent to deliver. The police also use a variety of tactics when attempting to catch people who possess or sell drugs. Police may set up a controlled buy with an undercover police officer. On other occasions, police may use police informants to either make a drug purchase or inform police of people who may be selling drugs.

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