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March 2017 Archives

An interesting exception to Pennsylvania underage drinking laws

It is all too tempting for teenagers in Pennsylvania to experiment with alcohol, whether it is due to peer pressure or mere curiosity. However, when such experimentation goes too far, leading to a crisis situation, teenagers need to be able to seek the help they or others need to rescue them from what may be a dangerous situation without fear of punishment. Pennsylvania law recognizes this, and provides an interesting exception to underage drinking for those seeking medical aid for another.

What are Pennsylvania's laws regarding gun ownership?

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms, a right that is very important to many in Pennsylvania. However, this right is subject to certain restrictions, the violation of which could lead to weapons charges.

Pennsylvania man accused of running heroin trafficking scheme

A Pennsylvania man, along with a number of other individuals, are facing drug charges in relation to an alleged heroin trafficking scheme, which reportedly brought a significant amount of the drug into the state and caused the death of one individual.

Penalties for dealing drugs near schools in Philadelphia

There are many schools in Philadelphia, from pre-schools to high schools and colleges. These institutions exist to teach children in a safe environment and to help set them on the right path. Because of this, there are laws in place to prevent people from bringing potentially dangerous things or engaging in questionable activities near schools. This includes bringing guns or other dangerous weapons onto school properties and making sure that drug dealing does not take place near schools.

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