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June 2016 Archives

Criminal penalties for possessing weapons on school property

There are many people who possess guns and knives in Philadelphia. These weapons can be used for both legal activities and illegal activities. In the right settings possessing weapons can be a good form of recreation, such as hunting, or good for protecting oneself or family. However, there are many other settings where weapons can be used just to hurt others. That is why there are regulations on who can possess weapons and where people can possess them.

Woman arrested with 11 pounds of cocaine at Philadelphia airport

Much of the illegal drugs that are sold and used in Philadelphia originate in a different location, oftentimes outside of the United States. That means that it needs to be brought into Philadelphia somehow and there are many people who are willing to do it. However, the penalties for possessing drugs with the intent to distribute are severe and oftentimes lead to prison sentences.

Penalties for violating ignition interlock rules

Some drivers in Philadelphia have unfortunately received DUIs. These people have had various penalties imposed based on a number of factors. The biggest one, however, is how high their blood alcohol concentration or BAC was at the time of the incident. Additionally, there are other determining factors as well, such whether it was the person's first DUI or whether they received DUIs in the past.

What are the consequences for using a fake ID to buy alcohol?

Most people in Philadelphia know that the legal drinking age is 21 years old. However, there are still many people under the age of 21 who consume alcohol. Underage drinking is a relatively common activity at the various colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. However, as it is illegal for people under 21 to consume alcohol, it is also illegal for them to purchase it. So, in order to obtain the alcohol, people under 21 often resort to illegal means.

Possessing a gun with an altered serial number

People possess guns for a number of different reasons in Philadelphia. Some use them to hunt or for sport, some possess them in order to keep their home and family safe, others however, use them to harm others. For this reason there are a number of restrictions on who can possess them and where people can possess. People can also lose their right to possess firearms by committing various serious crimes and for other reasons.

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