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November 2016 Archives

Firearm carrying permit reciprocity in Pennsylvania

Many people in Philadelphia are allowed to own guns. There are also many people who are prohibited from doing so, but in general gun possession is legal. However, one cannot carry a gun in Philadelphia without a permit. These are generally referred to as conceal and carry permits. If a person is caught carrying a gun without the proper permit, he or she could be committing a crime and potentially face severe penalties.

Protecting one's rights after drug possession charges

There are many types of drugs in Philadelphia. Some are prescribed by doctors and are legal when taken as prescribed. However, many others are either never prescribed or only legal when they are prescribed. If a person is caught in possession of illegal drugs, they could be charged with a crime. The crime they are ultimately charged with depends on the type of drug, the quantity they allegedly possess, and a number of other factors.

Higher standard for DUIs involving commercial and school vehicles

Consuming alcohol can be a nice way to relieve stress, or to simply allow a person to let loose a little bit for an evening. In moderation, generally, there is nothing wrong with doing this. However, while alcohol can be a good way to let loose, it also can impair one's ability to perform certain tasks. One of these is driving a vehicle. Due to the harm impaired drivers can cause, drinking and driving is illegal, and the penalties for engaging in it can be very harsh.

Teenager charged after allegedly shooting paintball gun

As children grow up in Philadelphia, they make many decisions regarding what to do each day. Many times, these decisions revolve around what they think will be fun, but they may not take into account the potential consequences of these decisions. Sometimes these consequences are harmless and may just annoy the people around them. However, other actions that may just seem like harmless fun can result in criminal charges.

Driver's license consequences for underage drinking

There are many laws in Philadelphia designed to protect young people. One of these is the prohibition on underage drinking. The goal of the law is to prevent people who many feel are too irresponsible to drink from consuming alcohol and making poor decisions while intoxicated. While some people disagree with this law and feel like the legal drinking age could be lowered, but the law is still the law. People must obey the law or potentially face the harsh penalties for breaking it.

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