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July 2015 Archives

Post disposition review hearings in juvenile delinquency cases

Many juveniles commit crimes in Philadelphia every year. Some of these crimes can only be committed by juveniles, such as underage drinking, but many of the crimes committed by adults are committed by juveniles. Even though many of the crimes are the same, juveniles are dealt with differently than adults. The main difference between adults and juveniles is that the main goal of juvenile punishments is to rehabilitate the defendant instead of simply punishing them.

What are the penalties for manufacturing meth in Philadelphia?

There are many drugs available for people to use in Philadelphia. Some of these drugs are legal with a valid prescription, but most of them are illegal. As such, the drugs must be delivered to or manufactured in Philadelphia and distributed in the city illegally. Many illegal drugs are grown and manufactured outside the country and smuggled in, but some, like methamphetamine, can be manufactured in or around the city and then be distributed.

Rules for alcohol compliance checks in Philadelphia

There are many people in Philadelphia who enjoy consuming alcohol. As such, there are many bars, restaurants and various stores where people can purchase alcohol. These establishments can make a significant amount of money selling alcohol, but there are rules they must follow. The most important rule is that they cannot sell alcohol to individuals who are under the age of 21.

Alcohol and drug assessments after a DUI in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, like most cities in America, has strict laws for drinking and driving. It can be very dangerous, and the legislature has made it a priority to make the punishments severe enough to deter people from doing it. However, despite the efforts to curb drinking and driving, many people continue to do so. If these individuals are charged and convicted, they will face harsh penalties.

When can one use weapons in self-defense?

There are many laws governing who can own guns and when guns can be used in Philadelphia. There are also laws that prohibit people from owning or possessing a gun based on past actions. When these laws are violated, the person may face gun charges and serious consequences as a result. There are also laws that enhance the penalties for crimes when the person committing the offense uses a gun.

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