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December 2012 Archives

Teen charged for possession of potential explosives

In the wake of a tragedy such as the recent school shooting, suspicion can run rampant and even small missteps can place people under criminal scrutiny here in Philadelphia and across the country. Charges for juvenile crimes can result in very severe consequences, whether or not a conviction results, so it is very important for defendants and their parents to take these charges very seriously.

7 Philadelphia gang members convicted of 53 charges

Oftentimes, criminal arrests lead to multiple charges. For example, an arrest related to a violent crime often involves weapons charges as well as charges for assault or battery, and perhaps theft or drug possession. If an accused person is indicted on multiple charges, the jury needs to understand each charge and must be able to separate them during the verdict process.

Pennsylvania pharmacists face federal drug charges

Drug offenses are considered to be serious crimes by state and federal officials. In some cases, the federal government may prosecute a drug case instead of state or local authorities. It is essential for defendants to know all legal options available, especially when federal authorities are involved. Two Pennsylvania pharmacists are currently facing federal drug charges after a raid by several government agencies.

High school gym teacher arrested on drug charges

Criminal charges can have a long-lasting and dramatic effect on a person's social standing and employment options, even if those charges are later dropped or the person is acquitted. Drug charges carry an especially powerful stigma, one that can result in discrimination when seeking employment. Those accused of drug-related offenses should seek to understand the nature of the charges and the evidence leveled against them.

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