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Two Pennsylvania men charged in large-scale marijuana operation

Two men in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area were arrested last month on drug charges in separate raids on the same day last month. The two men, ages 50 and 49, respectively, were charged with offenses regarding drug dealing and were being held by Philadelphia County authorities.

According to investigators, more than 30 pounds of bulk marijuana and more than 500 live plants were found at a home in Philadelphia. Officials said that a marijuana odor could be detected from a distance of a block away. At a home in Tredyffrin, Pennsylvania, police say they found marijuana that had been packaged for sale as well as more than $130,000 in cash.

Preparation for the raids was serious. According to authorities, officials at the federal, county and city level were involved. The Drug Enforcement Agency became involved after a citizen of the neighborhood reported suspicious activity coming from the Philadelphia home, including the marijuana odor and frequent comings and goings from the home. To top it off, the concerned citizen said he overheard a man say that he actually had a marijuana farm.

Additional actions allegedly made it easier for officials to find probable cause to make searches of the properties. During the investigation a man who was cooperating with police engaged in drug deals with one of the men. Investigators also determined that monthly electricity bills at the house regularly exceeded $1,200 — a huge amount that undoubtedly attracted the attention of officials who suspected a grow house at the property.

Source: The Delaware County Daily Times, “Drug bust nets more than $2.5 million worth of pot,” Michael N. Price, July 21, 2012


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